I'm In Love With This Woman!

I'm on my way to Atlanta to pick up Debby who flew in on Wednesday from Texas after helping take care of her mom after the funeral. We arranged for Deb to stay two nights  in a hotel there to be able to have some uninterrupted moments of rest before heading to our Prepare to Last premarital retreat this weekend at WinShape. 

I didn't know it was possible, but I have fallen even more deeply in love with my wife over these last several weeks and months as I have watched her pour herself out, helping take care of her sister and mom while trying to navigate her own grief. 

I watched her last weekend struggle through an anxiety attack as we drove from her mother's house to east Texas to lead a Home Improvement conference only one week after her sister's funeral. I listened to her pray and offer to God an empty but willing vessel. And then I watched in amazement as she stood on that stage and exuded such wisdom, strength, joy, and passion for those families.  When it was over, I had to fly back to Knoxville and she needed to go back to spend a few more days with her mom to wrap up some things. I watched her quickly refocus her attention back to ministering to her own family, as she has done so beautifully our entire life together.

I love being married to a woman of such strength. (If you knew her mom and dad, you would know where she gets it from!) There is no better wife, mother, daughter, sister, minister, friend, or lover that I could ever hope to know. 

Please be praying for her as she ministers out of the depletion of herself, surrendered to the abundance of Himself in her and through her as she helps these couples this weekend begin the marriage of a lifetime. Please also pray for her over the next week as we prepare for the last conference of our spring travel season, and then the weeks and months after as she finally has time to fully grieve. 

Why God chose me to be the man to have the honor of being her husband, I will never understand. I know I don't deserve to be the man that gets to call Debby my bride. But I will work until my last heartbeat to become the man she does deserve.