Tearing Down Walls, Building Up Families

Recently we had a live filming of our Prepare To Last pre-marital retreat at WinShape. It was a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it in the end! We were laughing when it was close to midnight two days before the retreat and we had been running full-steam for the previous two months and especially the week before, getting all of the stage set, tools, props and clothing together to fill a 6X12 ft trailer. So many people see us on stage or video and think we have a glamorous life. Oh, if they could see us most of the time, they'd see it’s more like the typical work that being in the remodeling business requires. 

That’s what we tell people when they ask what business we’re in. We tell them we’re in the remodeling business – we tear down walls and build up families. Just like someone who works to tear down old walls or parts of a home that are no longer useful or impede the flow and feel of a house, we do the same with relational issues in families that impede the flow and feel of a home. And just as the final reveal of a house remodeler makes his/her job seem glamorous, the reveal we provide on stage or camera may have the same feel. That’s just the presentation, though. The important work happens before and after that – the studying, preparing, writing, re-writing, praying, counseling, caring, packing and unpacking, traveling, jet-lagging, late-nighting, the setting up and tearing down to go somewhere else and do it all again – that’s when the real work happens. That’s when the ministry happens.