Marriage Tune-Up

We enjoyed the ministry of Jeff & Debby so much. Their frank, open way of communicating with couples about every day life is incredible. We will never be the same again. PTL!!

Marriage Tune Up

God did some really great and needed things in my life and marriage. It was truly a divine appointment.

Marriage Tune Up

We have had a good marriage for 30+ years. I have always prayed my husband would lead in prayer and bible study- for us together. He has now committed to that and has begun it! He gets it now!

Marriage Tune Up

We both LOVED this conference. You kept everything at an understandable level and infused it with humor. Thank you! We look forward to using the conflict resolution principles and to becoming tighter in our marriage. We thank God for the both of you and the talents He gave you. God Bless!

Fall Festival Of Marriage

We just wanted to stress what a phenomenal job that Jeff and Debby McElroy did during the worship services. Their dramas, along with their presentations, were wonderful! They work so well together and they're real. Their personal testimonies were just the icing on the cake. Thank you so much!