Engaged for Life

Jeff and Debby did a perfect job at the Engaged for Life conference designed to better equip engaged couples for the lasting covenant of marriage. Thanks Jeff and Debby

Parenting w/ Purpose Conference

This conference was WOW!! We loved it the most because it was REAL! Not unrealistic situations - but things that really happen w/ NORMAL children. It was a real eye opener. I highly recommend this conference for every parent at least once. We relized as parents that sometime, even w/out knowing, we are tearing our children down. We do not mean to do this on purpose, but you do not realize how simple words like "What were you thinking" or "Where is your brain today" are damaging long term. Even if you do not think you need the conference - go - because you do. People compliment us on the way our 5 children(ages1 1/2 - 9) behave and act, and we were going because we wanted to learn to discipline more effectivly. - Again - it was AWESOME! Thank you so much Jeff and Debby


We just want to say thank you for ministering to ministers at the Minister's Family Retreat this weekend. Often times, we get left out because we are always the ones doing the ministering. But, you guys connected with us and you did not sugar coat the ministry! Thank you, thank you, thank you. God used you guys to change our marriage, our family, and our ministry! Thank you so much! God bless your ministry!

Retreat at The Family Church

Joe and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had a the Marriage Tune Up in St. Augustine FL with The Family Church. You really helped to improve things in our marriage and with our relationship with our 10 yr old son (who thinks we have been brainwashed because we are handling things so calmly now.) We do plan to attend every year from now on. I thank God that you answered your calling and we are telling everyone that we know about how great the two of you are and hope to have more people in our life attend next time as well. Again thank you and God bless you and your family.

Marriage Tune Up - What a Blessing!

A very big praise to Jeff and Debbie for allowing God to work through them to touch so many lives. This conference was so refreshing, touching, and comical all at the same time. My husband and I needed to be led in the the right direction - HIS direction - because we would have continued to be lost without it. Jeff and Debbie presented material and scripture in a way that you wanted to hear more of. After attending Sunday school on Sunday morning and hearing everyone say how much they enjoyed the conference, A big "thank you" is in order - May God continue to bless you and may we meet up again at other one of your conferences!