Such a blessing to my family

We had the privilege of undertaking a "Marriage Tune Up" this past weekend in Winston-Salem. This was our 2nd experience with the McElroys (the first many years ago now at Ridgecrest)and it was even better this time. Their deep love for each other and for all the people in the room, indeed their obvious love for families is contagious. I left there determined to bring them to our home church in the near future. We want to thank you both for your humor, your vulnerability, your insight and your willingness to follow God's call on your life. Your words delivered His message to our relationship.May HE continue to bless your marriage, your family and your ministry!

Marriage Tune Up

We laughed more than we cried. We learned more than we expected. And we are richer in our relationship with each other and in our faith. This is our first marriage seminar in 15 years and we won't wait another to do another McElroy weekend! THANK YOU!

Marriage Tune Up

My husband and I were so blessed to have the oppurtunity to attend one of Jeff and Debby's conferences. I now see my husband in a diffrent way. I found out that I had a personality of a "Lion" and he had one of an "ostrich". So now we know how to communicate better. Thanks again for letting God use you guys to change other people's lives. You guys will be in our prayers and once again thanks!!


I had almost talked myself out of going when my husband's military schedule came back and despite us having already reserved a space, he wouldn't be able to go. I went to the conference without my spouse, and although it was a little awkward when other couples did the exercises for a moment, I soon realized that I could take that time to send him a message using my phone. We couldn't really do the exercises since it took us longer to communicate, but we could take a few moments out of our hectic days to just say something nice. The conference was filled with fun and hilarity at every bend and I really enjoyed getting to know this wonderful, honest couple. Their message was basic, touching on some things that I'd heard before but they spun other things in a light I'd never seen them before, making it much easier to grasp. It was a great reminder, though, even of the things I've already been practicing in my marriage for years. Truly, this conference was wonderful. It's like watching a comedy unfold while getting the perk of helping your marriage just thrown in. Thank you for all you do.

So Perfect!!

We just want to say how great this conference was!!! This could not have happened at a more perfect time in our marriage. Thank you so much for all of your insight and spiritual guidance. I pray that we can use your advise with God's help, mend our marriage. We now know we owe it to God and our daughter to make this work! I would recommend this conference to all couples, newlyweds and more "experienced" couples. Thanks so much for the prayers!!!