This was a wonderful experience for us. You filled it with dozens of well planned, thought provoking, practical ideas for making and keeping our marriage intimate. The connection between marriage love and Our savior's love was priceless. I left wishing we had attended this conference before we were married. We will pray for you and Bless you for your ministry. Love and Hugs, K+W PS - We ran out of kleenex, sometimes laughing, others crying...

Marriage Tune-Up

Jeff & Debby have a way of telling married couples that it's normal for a marriage to not be perfect. We both have different needs and wants and we're both going to make horrible mistakes. Too often in this world, we give up our marriage when we reach our first major conflict. Jeff & Debby show that there is always hope. We can get through anything. My husband and I just went through a very difficult situation where we questioned our marriage. I couldn't be more thankful for Jeff & Debby's message. It was the first step in saving our marriage. My thanks can not be expressed in words.

Amazing Conference

At first we were both a little reluctant to attend the conference seeing as it was the first thing like that we had been to. However, we found this conference was ablsolutely wonderful and we learned so many practical things that will help us in the future! We have only been married 10 months and this conferece I am sure will help us for the life of our marriage - at least 65 year as my husband says :) Thank you!

Marriage Tune Up

I am getting married May 17th and I want to THANK YOU for opening our eyes to things we can do to make our marriage work the right way from the start!! After today, I am confident we are more ready now than we have ever been. Thank you so much for the help in the right direction!

Marriage Tune-up Conference

Cheryl and I just want to Say thank you and God bless you for you your commitment to heping to save marriages. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on how to keep a marriage fresh and vibrant in keeping with God's word. It made us both realize once again how blesed we are that God brought us together almost 40 years ago. We pray that He will use us to minister to couples who are struggling in their marrige. We know that there were couples in attendace this weekend who are struggling and our prayer is that the seeds you planted will take root and grow in their lives. Again thank you and God Bless you as you minister in His name.