There are many speakers that can address the individual age groups in families, but few can speak to all of these as effectively as this talented couple. If you see them at a marriage conference, you'd swear that must be what they do best, while teenagers and children across this country would argue that relating to their age has to be Jeff & Debby's forte. Grandparents enthusiastically respond to their Grandparents on Mission presentations. It's no wonder Jeff and Debby are sought for conferences on the family more than any other couple in the country.

"In my thirty years of ministry, I don't believe I've ever seen a better presentation. Jeff and Debby have a gift like no other I've seen to lead a service in a way every age is hanging on every word. When they met with our groups individually, it was amazing how they walked into the living room of each age and brought the Holy Spirit right in with them."

David Rich, Pastor