Few of us knew what we were promising when we made our vows at the altar. (Some of us still aren’t sure!) The vows seem to add a touch of romance and validity to the ceremony, but what do they look like lived out in day-to-day marriage?


Whether you're just starting out in your journey or years down the road, you are daily called to be true to your word. Using their unique style of dynamic delivery, Jeff and Debby share the tools that help a marriage ride out of the altar and into the sunset.



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Just like a new car, marriage and spouses look good in the "showroom" of the wedding. Then we drive it off the lot and the potholes in the roads of life quickly reveal our imperfections and shortcomings. When that happens with a car, we just trade it in. Too many couples do that with their marriage as well. How do you keep that from happening to your marriage? It's more than just saying those words of acceptance in the atmosphere of perfection during the wedding. It's a matter of saying them on a daily basis, in spite of the imperfections of reality. In this light-hearted session, Jeff and Debby will discuss how to let go of the things that don't matter so you can continue to hold on to the things that do.
A great marriage starts with acceptance (I take you) and develops into intimacy (to love and to cherish). But what is intimacy? Men will describe it one way, women another. This frank session will take you through the ingredients of true intimacy and provide practical tips for keeping your passion finely tuned.
Sooner or later the process of two people becoming one will involve conflict. Many people panic at these times and fear the honeymoon may be over. Not necessarily. The number one predictor of a couple's chance of success isn't whether or not they have conflict, but how they manage it when they do. In this session, Jeff and Debby reach into the toolbox of Scripture to provide a tangible plan for tuning up this critical area of normal married life.
The majority of couples who head for divorce cite problems with their financial situation as the major culprit. The fact is, finances aren't usually the problem. They're just one of the more annoying squeaks and squeals that signify a more significant, underlying problem. This practical session will help you:
  • Understand the root causes of your financial struggle
  • Learn how to deal with your finances as a team
  • Know how to poise yourself to live in financial stability
Is it realistic to think that marriages can have a lifetime warranty? What are some of the secrets of couples whose marriages have made it for the long haul? What can couples do to reduce their chances of divorce? Why does it even matter? Jeff and Debby provide answers to these important questions as the entire conference crescendos into this dynamic, challenging, and inspiring closing session.
Friday Evening
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