What is it that separates Jesus from everyone else?  What did He do that has inspired such loyalty and devotion from so many?

He loved us. Completely, Nothing held back. No prerequisites. He loved us with His life.

It was His acts of sacrifice that led us to believe His words of love and compel us into an intimate relationship with Him.

The word "sacrifice" isn't used much in romance cards these days.  It's not good marketing, nor does it play well when trying to get young couples interested in tying the knot.  When people dream of a great marriage, they usually think of it being void of personal sacrifice,  not full of it.

And that's the problem.

Research shows that the primary difference between lasting marriages and broken ones is the willingness of the spouses to adjust, to change, to sacrifice for the marriage.

The unfortunate truth is, most Christian couples don't know what following Christ in the marriage even looks like.  They need someone to do more than just tell  them to follow.  They need someone to show  them how to take Christ's message to their marriage in everyday life.

To their communication.  To their conflict. To their needs and desires. To their dreams.

In this unique conference, Jeff and Debby McElroy take couples through a thought-provoking, inspirational, and challenging look at the amazing similarities between the last days of Christ and the stages of a lasting marriage.

From the vow in the garden...

          to the resurrection from hopelessness...

                 couples will see that the way to intimate love isn't around sacrifice...

                              but through it.


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"You've met with us many years now, ministering to our couples, our families, and our church body. You know the high expectations I place on those I bring in to minister to my flock. You know the importance I place on marriage and the amount of ministry we offer here for couples. I have to tell you I have NEVER seen anything more powerful for marriage than what the Lord did through the two of you this weekend. This wasn't just teaching this weekend, this was ministry at its deepest level. Our couples will never be the same because your goal wasn't just to bring them to each other. You brought them to the CROSS!"

Pastor Joel Stocker, Christian Celebration Center, Midland, MI