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Marriage Under Fire


There is a 78% divorce rate among military and 1st responder families. Forever Families' Marriage Under Fire ministry offers various opportunities to provide help to families in service to our communities and country. From free VIP access to our Marriage Tune Up conferences to Marriage Under Fire retreats, to scholarships to our ReGeneration Retreats for couples in crisis, to on-base conferences across the country and oversees, to half-price Skype counseling, we are committed to keeping the families of these heroes together. We invite you to join us in protecting those families who protect our own!

For more information on our Marriage Under Fire ministries, click here.

Suggested donation amounts:

$35 scholarship for Skype counseling

$60 to provide a total VIP scholarship for military/1st responder couples to attend a Marriage Tune Up conference

$300 to scholarship a couple for a Marriage Under Fire retreat

$1100 to scholarship a couple in crisis for a ReGeneration Experience retreat