No doubt, it's the most-used word of 2020. From quarantines to lockdowns to remote learning and working to illness and loss of life, families are experiencing stress and challenges they've never before encountered. When families have no place to relieve that stress, they naturally vent it at each other. This raises the concern that, after the COVID threat has subsided, a much more lasting pandemic will follow - divorce, abuse, familial disintegration, educational lag, anxiety disorders, depression and substance abuse will plague homes around the world. While social distancing may no longer be required, relational distancing will be the heart-breaking result that may last decades, not just years.

While we can't address everything, we can fortify the core. And when the core of the situation - the strength of the home - is strong and stable, resilience is the result. After all, a child's sense of "world peace" doesn't come from headlines and health mandates. It comes from having peace in their world - their home.

To that end, we offer the following strategies to protect children by protecting their homes:

  • Online premarital course and community to help couples lay the foundation for a lasting marriage, even while quarantined.

  • Virtual Date Nights to provide a chance for couples to re-connect, let off steam and learn coping strategies for their marriage during this time.

  • Zoom Marriage & Parenting Coaching Sessions to provide specific help to individual couples.

  • Online Help for 1st Responder Couples to help healthcare, EMT and police navigate the marital impacts of the extreme stress they’re under right now.

  • Zoom Support for Missionary Couples who are experiencing the challenges of the pandemic away from their support system in areas where their safety is in jeopardy and their healthcare options are lacking.

  • Online help for those dealing with anger, depression, anxieties or addictions

  • Socially Distanced Marriage Intensive Retreats to offer help for couples in crisis

  • Socially Distanced Retreats for Parents of Kids with Special Needs to get refreshed and reconnected so they can better handle the overwhelming demands of their parenting journey.

  • Church and community organizational training for marriage and family ministry development to help them be prepared to help and heal the families of their area.

Additionally, we will offer focused post-pandemic retreats and conferences for couples, parents, 1st responder and missionary couples, and parents of children with special needs.

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