If you're a missionary couple, we want you to know we appreciate you. We understand the special stressors your marriage encounters as you serve the Kingdom. We also realize your access to help is limited by distance from quality assistance, or by fear of professional repercussion if you share your struggles. We're here to offer confidential grace, mercy, encouragement and guidance. And if we can't provide the help you need, we'll get you connected to it! Below are some of our current ministries and future plans...



International Missionary Marriage Retreats

Held several times a year at various places across the world to provide rest, encouragement, help and care for you and your spouse. For more information, click here.


Skype Counseling

Free, confidential help from the comfort and safety of your own home from Jeff & Debby or a care couple from their team who either has experience working with missionary couples or has served on the mission field themselves.
For more information or to schedule a Skype session, email our office.



We will soon begin adding articles, postings, links and books to our Resources area, providing specific help for couples on the field. Check back often to see what we've added!



By the spring of 2016, we hope to have a highly secure online community for missionary couples to congregate for fellowship, encouragement, and collaboration. There will be room for you to post questions and helpful ideas to provide strength and inspiration to other couples like you stationed all over the world!

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