Fall Festival Of Marriage

I'd listen to these two if they were teaching "History of Elephant Mating Calls."

Fall Festival of Marriage

They have such a wonderful ministry. They are so in tune with what couples need.

Fall Festival of Marriage

Relevant! Funny! Made points well, with humor as well as seriousness.

Fall Festival of Marriage

It was again a pleasure to see Jeff and Debby. We have been to about 10 of the Festivals of Marriage and feel they are by far the best keynote speakers (although we have enjoyed many of them). We can sense God working in their lives and the growth they have experienced not only as a couple in their marriage but with their Lord also. God bless their marriage and their ministry!!!

Fall Festival-Ridgecrest

What a blessing!! We had seen Jeff and Debby a few years back but they were even better than we remembered. We especially liked that Jeff talked about male menopause. Husband (and I) went through it and it was hard but we made it--many in our group were very interested in this subject. Thanks and GOD BLESS - will pray for y'all and your family and especially Debby's dad.