Fall Festival-Ridgecrest

Words can't express our appreciation for how you ministered to us this weekend! God gave us confirmation of things that we are doing right, and enlightened us to the areas of our marriage that we need to make better! We made a fresh committment of our marriage to God and to each other! Thank you, Jeff & Debby for your transparency, honesty and the love that you expressed through your ministry!

Fall Festival of Marriage

We've been married for a year and half, and this was our 2nd Fall Festival of Marriage. We were so blessed this weekend, by the messages Jeff & Debby shared. It is obvious they have a true love for the Lord, and for eachother. Not only did they have us laughing one minute and crying the next, but their real life examples were down to earth and easy to relate. We are encouraged by all we've learned this weekend!

Fall Festival of Marriage

This was our first FOM and we experienced a renewal like never before. Jeff and Debby were awesome in the way they ministered and approached a subject that most couples don't talk about. We experienced a recomittment to God and a renewal like never before.

Fall Festival of Marriage

We just returned from our 5th FOM and this was by far the best ever! Jeff and Debby ministered to us in a real, down to earth, open, practical manner that was fresh and refreshing. Thanks guys, we're praying for you and we look forward to the time when we'll be able to join you at another conference. God Bless!

Our Lives Have Not Been the Same!

Our lives have not been the same since our weekend with Jeff and Debby at Calvary, Melbourne. We took a lot away with us and have only just started appling them to our lives, its been great. Our hearts go out to England-UK (where we come from) we are praying and trusting God that you will minister out there soon. We are prayerfully trying to get some of the churches out there to contact you. May the Lord richly bless and increase you. Thank you so much for being a blessing.