Marriage Tune Up

What a wonderful gift to the body of Christ! Jeff and Debby have a relevant and urgent message for this generation. They effectively cut across every cultural or age barrier. Highly recommended !

Marriag Tune Up

Frank and I just attended the seminar this weekend. It was spectacular. This is the first marriage seminar we have attended in our 21 years of marriage. We were truly blessed to attend. Jeff and Debby were really given a gift from God for what they do. We enjoyed it so much, we bought two sets of the tapes to give our married children for Christmas presents. God bless all of you!

Amazingly Beautiful!

Your Marriage Tune Up Seminar was amazingly beautiful, funny, emotional, funny, and spirtual!! My Fiance' and I attended and continued to learn so much about each other. This was a great way to continue our pre-marital counseling leading up to our marriage December 17th. May God continue blessing you both, your family and your loving ministry. Thank you!!

Marriage Tune Up

Best marriage conference we have attended in our 31 years of marriage!!!!

Best Marriage Workshop EVER

My husband and I attended the Marriage Tune-up and were delightfully impressed with the realistic content and incredible delivery. Jeff and Debby brought it home for us on several fronts and we were both convicted and encouraged by the straight talk. My daughter and her husband also attended and we were so thankful that the venue accommodated so many couples from area churches. Everyone we talked with at the conference was very enthusiastic and pleased with the quality and content. The "on-the-way-to-church", and "retired couple" skits were over the top and really had us laughing at ourselves. Although we've been married 17 years, we learned a few surprising things about one another that help to put certain aspects of our relationship in a positive perspective. The sandpaper has taken on a finer grit and made us appreciate our differences. Thank you, Jeff and Debby, for your phenomenal workshop, and for speaking so plainly and sincerely. God bless you and your ministry.