Marriage Tune Up

Thanks for showing us that there is life and fun in a God-centered marriage. We've been married 29 years and thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. We also had the privilege of hosting a young unchurched couple who heard the word of God for their futures. May God continue to Bless your ministry.

A true blessing

Thank you, Jeff and Debby for coming into our lives and sharing God with us. Your entertaining approach to helping us to see how we can improve our realtionships with our spouse and family are refreshing. Your ministry (and marriage) are truly blessed by God and our prayers are that you will continue to ramain strong in His Word as you reach out to couples worldwide. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marriage Tune Up

We have been married 31 years and attended numerous conference, this is by far and without a doubt, the best one we have ever attended!! It will continue to improve our marriage--the time went by so fast, it was funny, and life changing at the same time!!!! We cannot thank you enough!!!!

Life Changing

Your humerous comments & skits made it really easy to forget that I was actually learning and working on building a strong marriage during your conference! Awesome! I can't wait for the next steps…

Still living the honeymoon after 20 yrs together

What an awesome couple, so much to learn from them. Nothing held back. Worth the money and time. Thanks Debbie and Jeff!