Marriage Tune Up

Jeff & Debby, the conference was awesome!! We had such a wonderful time and we relived several moments with a new perspective on them. It is great to have ministries like yours and people that are sincere and truthful. The joy of seeing others lay their life out to show examples and expound on the way it can be better is amazing. The two of you are wonderful and we love and thank you so much. P.S. Thanks for a great time of fellowship at lunch. May you walk with our Lord and Savior daily!

This was awesome!!

Okay- Our time with you was over only an hour ago, and I couldn't wait to post because it is so important and I was afraid things would get in the way. The enemy has been working on us lately, such that on Friday I didn't feel like going to the Tune-Up. You have such a way with the drama and skits though, that I believe you have truly made a difference that will last in our marriage. The information you shared about how the male/female brains work is so right on. It is so good to know that God made us that way!! And I found it interesting that both of the simple truths about intimacy had to do with laughter. Since my father-in-law died two and a half years ago, we haven't laughed like we used to. We haven't been as connected either. I never saw that they could be related. Thank you for giving us something to work on together to make our marriage last!! God bless you both! He is doing a great and mighty work through you!

I am in LOVE with my wife all over again!

Our marriage had been struggling. There were hurts and issues and kids and... We signed up for this conference and prayed together that God would meet us here. WOW!! I must say, God IS in control. Through your sessions, I began to see my weaknesses, the differences in our personalities and how very differently we process things. I kept seeing myself and our realtionship over and over. In talking it through, we came to the realization that many things that seemed so huge and so hurtful were in fact just differences in who we are and how we think. Taking the time to focus on our relationship was so very important. I realized once again how very much my wife adds to my life, and how she truly completes me. I re-gained focus on who I married, why I married her, and what an awesome miricle we are together. The fact is I fell in love with my wife all over again. Not a little, but smitten, stary eyed in LOVE!! The best part is that I get to spend the rest of my life with her. Thank you for your ministry, and the blessing that you are to families. God is working through you all! I must also note, we attended with another couple. At the beginning he really was not sure he wanted to be there. As we left he said how glad he was he came too, and that they were also blessed. I think I will go now and kiss my wife! Kimsflyboy <= Belongs to Kimbo

Marriage Tune Up

Jeff and Debby my husband and I attended your Marriage Tune-Up seminar in Borger, Texas. The weekend was wonderful. I was personally having a tough time and when I watched your skit on divorce it really hit home. You guys are so right on the money with the little girl feeling the way she does. My parents have been divorced for 10 years and I still know how that little girl feels. Thank you for the seminar and I look forward to attending more.

Fall Festival of Marriage

Jeff and Debby, first of all, you guys are great. The speaking, the drama, the music, everything is "extraordinary." Now, I feel that I have to share what happened to my husband, Chuck and me (Catherine) at the conference this weekend. My father-in-law has been sick for about three years. He had lung cancer and then after beating cancer was diagnosed with emphyzema. He has been on oxygen all the time for about a year now. The last month he has lost weight and started having panic attacks when he can't breathe well and just generally getting worse. The weekend before the conference, my mother-in-law went out of town and my husband spent four whole days with his Dad and began to realize he didn't have much time left. However, both his parents urged us to go ahead and attend the conference. We spoke to my Mom on our cell phone before going to the worship celebration Saturday night and she said everything was fine with my father-in-law and our three children (who were staying with my parents). We turned off our cell phones and went to the worship celebration. During the drama skit about the wedding, I looked over and Chuck was crying. I asked him if he was OK and he said that the way Jeff portrayed the old man reminded him of his Dad. Then, before the vow renewal part, when we were giving time to talk about any problems or confess anything to each other. Chuck was crying even worse. (This alarmed me for a little while because I thought maybe he had something bad to confess!) He told me that he just could not stop thinking about his Dad. So, instead of renewing our vows, we prayed for his father. After the service, we both checked our cell phones and we both had several missed calls and messages. I called my Mom and she told me that Chuck's dad had passed away at about 8:45. Of course, we had to leave the conference and come home early. On the way home, Chuck told me that he felt God had used you and the service to assure him that his Dad was in heaven. We just wanted to thank you both for allowing yourselves to be used by the Lord to touch the lives of so many people. We will thank God for you daily and ask Him to bless you and your family and your ministry and those who are impacted by your ministry. In Christ, Catherine Ebert