Fall Festival of Marriage

HEY!! My husband and I were sitting there thinking "Do they have a camera in our living room?" You guys really hit the nail on the head. It's comforting to know that we are not the only ones who have had silly arguments, etc!! Thanks for everything- the laughter and the tears!! You guys are awesome!!

MER -- Brackenhurst, Kenya

What a wonderful 3 days. Jeff and Debby, thank you for helping us look at our marriages in such a fun way. The skits were funny and really had me looking at myself. How did you guys know that's what I say? Debby, get over your Africa bug quickly. Gratefully yours in Christ, Bob Allen Nairobi, Kenya

Home Improvement Weekend

Jeff and Debby, WOW - Where do I start? I NEVER expected anything like it. I thought I'd have to share and all that - with people around me. You know - the typical conference. Thank you for being willing to let the Holy Spirit work through you. That is the only way I can understand what happened. Perfect timing on each topic. You were sensitive to the audience's need for more time in different areas. My wife asked me if I thought everyone felt the way we did. As if you were only speaking to us. What great lessons and real life (actually my life) examples. On the drama, I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked at my wife in disbelief. Especially your transformation into an old couple, with Parkinsons, examining your lives and how you were living your "dream." Then realizing your dream was lacking. You still needed to show your chldren your love for each other. I'll never forget in your intro you told us marriage is either heaven or hell. You couldn't be more right. Thank you for your work and yielding to the Holy Spirit. Beware as you know you are prime targets for the enemy. We love you and thanks for the Sunday service. My job prevented me from being there, but not suprisingly it is a landmark for our church. Thanks Jeff and Debby - God Bless you in Russia