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Having spent the last 30 years as road warriors in the ministry, working with a variety of ages and denominations across the country and around the world, we've gained a unique perspective on marriage, family, church, & ministry. We'll share some of those here, and we'll also use this space to update you on the latest news about our ministry and family. If you're here to look for posts on specific subjects, just click on one of the categories or tags listed. We'd love for you to follow our posts through our RSS feed and, if you would be so kind, please share anything you think is worthy!

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We realize we're not the only people with something to say. We'll also use this area to post articles written by others that we think are important to share. If you have something you've written, or an article or post you've seen that you think would add to the conversation, please email it to us and we'll have our team consider posting here as well! Help us make this a great place for people to come for encouragement and insight!



Easter Family Devotional: What needs to be resurrected in your family?

Creation worships the risen Savior every year with new life and rebirth, so why aren’t we more intentional about doing the same? What would our families look like if we started to do things again that have " gone cold" in our regular routine? What would our marriages look like if we gave new life to things that have “been dormant” in our relationships?

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Tearing Down Walls, Building Up Families

Recently we had a live filming of our Prepare To Last pre-marital retreat at WinShape. It was a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it in the end! We were laughing when it was close to midnight two days before the retreat and we had been running full-steam for the previous two months and especially the week before, getting all of the stage set, tools, props and clothing together to fill a 6X12 ft trailer. So many people see us on stage or video and think we have a glamorous life. Oh, if they could see us most of the time, they'd see it’s more like the typical work that being in the remodeling business requires.

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