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Having spent the last 30 years as road warriors in the ministry, working with a variety of ages and denominations across the country and around the world, we've gained a unique perspective on marriage, family, church, & ministry. We'll share some of those here, and we'll also use this space to update you on the latest news about our ministry and family. If you're here to look for posts on specific subjects, just click on one of the categories or tags listed. We'd love for you to follow our posts through our RSS feed and, if you would be so kind, please share anything you think is worthy!

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How do I talk to children about tragedies?

Natural disasters, mass shootings, the loss of loved ones. When your heart is grieved by tragedies that you may not even fully understand, how do you even begin to go about talking to your children about them? Even though we long to tell our children they are always safe and hardships won’t affect them, we can’t do that because we live in a sinful and fallen world. However, the hope we have in God allows us, and our children, to face difficulties without fear. Following these four steps will allow you to talk to your kids with confidence and give them the support they need.

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Marriage Conferences Help Children's Ministry

We just finished leading another Marriage Tune Up conference this weekend for a church. We were actually brought in by the children's minister. Why? Because more and more of these ministers realize if they want to affect the spiritual lives of the kids to whom they minister, they have to help affect the spiritual lives of those kids' parents.

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