Marriage Tune Up

Jeff and Debby are absolutely adorable! They truly touched our hearts with their powerful message using love and laughter. In just a few hours they were able to open our eyes to negative patterns within our marriage and encouraged us with graceful and compassionate approaches to married life. They have inspired us to be better as individuals, a married couple, and as parents. We are truly blessed to have met Jeff and Debby. If you don't know how to improve your marriage and you think the only answer is divorce you must participate in one of their programs, it will be life changing.

Prepare to Last

This was an AWESOME retreat! My mother paid for both my brother and I to attend with our significant others at different times. My brother found these sessions very helpful and is happily married to my sister-in-law. I believe Jeff and Debbys' seven sessions will provide couples who are engaged or thinking of getting married; the foundation and an abundance of information to know how to grow a successful/Christan marriage and family. They weren't boring at all and it was just the right amount of couples work. Nothing is ever perfect, but I would say the weekend of sessions was pretty close. My partner and I are looking forward to attending a marriage tune up in the future after we marry.Thanks Jeff and Debby! :)

A gift!

You two have such talent for getting the message across in a safe and hiliarious way. I'm sure you were exhausted...that emotional roller coaster pretty much wiped me out!! THANK YOU FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL GIFT. Our marriage is forever changed because of it. Looking forward to sharing the DVD's with our family and friends!! Hope to see you at a weekend get away and we'll pray that the opportunity for a cruise to do this comes soon!!! We'd be first to sign up!!! Blessings and good health to you and yours!

Pre-Marriage Retreat was Awesome!!!!

Cheryl and I found the retreat to be very useful in encouraging open and honest communication. I look forward to a happy and fulfilling life with her. We encourage all those who are seriously dating and/or already engaged to do this program.

Prepare to Last September 2012

Prepare to Last was just what Scott and I needed. We were struggling daily with sexual temptation. Now I feel like we can wait til marriage. Jeff and Debby were amazing. It was worth every penny.