A dedicated retreat for military and first responder couples.

Whether you're military or a first responder, the impact of struggles in your relationship affects your ability to perform both at home and at work. The number one cause of on-the-job distractions is problems at home. For most people, distractions at work may mean a drop in productivity. For you, distractions may cost you your life. And it's no news to you that the marriage and entire family are impacted by the stress, multiple deployments, changing shifts, a lack of respect and support from the culture around you, fear, and traumatic experiences you and your family endure.

You need a place to retreat from all that and run away with each other for a while. A place where you can relax, talk, get some tools and ideas to protect your relationship. A place where you can be surrounded by people who get it and are eager to show their support by the care they lavish on you.

And that's what the Marriage Under Fire Retreats are all about.

Held at Chick-fil-A's world class WinShape Retreat in the beautiful scenery of north Georgia, these retreats offer an experience that has literally changed the lives of the couples who come. Pampered by five-star meals and accommodations and cared for by the WinShape staff and our team, you or your group will receive entertaining and insightful teaching to help you identify and discuss the unique challenges you face in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere. In between sessions, take a nap, get a massage, go for a hike, ride a bike, lay in a hammock, take on the challenge of a ropes course, or just... breathe. And enjoy being together. You've earned it.

To check for our next retreat, click here.   Note: Because of the costs associated with these retreats, we can only afford to do one or two a year. If you don't see one on our schedule, please check back again or sign up for our newsletter for updates and announcements about upcoming events.

If you are a retreat center or business that is interested in helping us bring a retreat to the military/1st responder couples in your area, contact us.

We would be happy to work with you!