If you serve our country and communities as an active military or 1st responder couple, we want to thank you.

The civilian population has very little understanding about the sacrifices you make on our behalf. In addition to the normal struggles every marriage encounters, you endure an additional level of dynamics that are a constant assault on your relationship.

So, before we tell you how we can serve you, we thank you.Both of you.And please tell your children thank you as well.

Most of what is written in this website is written about us and what we do. We wanted you to hear directly from us. Through the years, we have had the opportunity to work with bases from each of the branches of our armed forces around the county. We also travel internationally to bases to work with couples who are enduring multiple deployments. In addition to working with military couples, we work domestically with 1st responder couples - police, firefighters, EMTs. We work in coordination with several of the country's police forces providing crisis counseling and resources for couples to protect their marriages. 

We provide several opportunities for help:

Marriage Tune Up Conferences

These are marriage conferences we offer in churches and communities around the country. While they are for all couples and not necessarily focused only on marriages like yours, many service couples have found them to be extremely helpful. At any of these conferences around the country, you can attend for free as our VIP guests.

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Marriage Under Fire Conferences

These one-day conferences are held in local communities and are specifically designed for military/1st responder couples and the unique challenges you face. In addition to providing you with helpful, engaging content, they are also a way for your community to show its support by providing free services and gifts to attendees. These conferences are underwritten by the local community to offer the conference to you at a very low fee, if any at all.

Click here to find a Marriage Under Fire conference in your area.


Marriage Under Fire Retreats

These retreats are designed to not only provide you with helpful, engaging teaching, but to also give you a weekend away with your spouse in a relaxed atmosphere where the two of you find rest for your spirits and renewal for your relationship. 

For more information on the Marriage Under Fire Retreat, click here.

To check for our next retreat, click here.Bassociated with these retreats, we can only afford to do one or two a year. If you don't see one on our schedule, please check back again or sign up for our newsletter for updates and announcements about upcoming events.


Help for Couples in Crisis

We offer marriage intensive retreats called "The ReGeneration Experience" for couples in crisis. As a military/1st responder couple, these are available to you at a 50% discount. Through these retreats, we have had overwhelming success in turning military/1st responder marriages that seem hopeless in the direction of healing, success and fulfillment. And if the retreats we offer don't work with your schedule, we'll work to connect you with other trusted ministries that offer them as well, and will do our best to find you financial assistance, if needed. Bottom line is, if you need help, we'll get you help.

We only schedule these retreats once we have five couples who have applied and been accepted. To contact us regarding these, call our office at (865) 769-2611.

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