Start strong and create a great marriage

As ministry partners with Chick-fil-A's WinShape Marriage Foundation, Jeff & Debby were honored to have been chosen for an investment to create a cutting-edge, quality program designed to prepare seriously-dating, engaged and newlywed couples for a successful Christian marriage. In partnership with Dr. David Olson of Prepare-Enrich, considered to be the world's foremost expert on relational assessment, they developed an objective way for couples to assess the strength of their relationship and then receive solid teaching for areas of needed growth in an engaging, inspiring experience.

The Prepare To Last Retreat 

During their weekend, couples experience engaging teaching in an adventurous, fun-filled environment where they'll
have time for meaningful discussion and reflection.

The Prepare To Last Online Resource

was produced for couples to go through on their own or under the leadership of a counselor/minister, or as a part of a small group.  For more information or to purchase, go to

The Couple Membership

includes on-demand course modules that you can watch with your partner, entertaining teaching and engaging discussion for the two of you, a Couple Community where you can engage with other couples, plus online mentors to guide you and offer support!

A Leader/Counselor Membership is also available!

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