Love & Laughter Date Night

Looking for a one-night event for the couples in your community that provides a great evening of laughter, but has the grit in the content that could transform marriages? Then this is the date night you're looking for!

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Marriage Tune Up Conferences

Who says working on your marriage feels like work? These conferences feature Jeff & Debby at their best, using their unique delivery style of wisdom, wit, and creativity to set the foundation for a compelling experience for couples of all ages.

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Family & Parenting

Women's Ministries

Women have a unique way of making every problem in the family their fault. Fueled by their own unrealistic expectations, they pour themselves out on everybody else at home, work and church, only to struggle silently in the emptiness they feel. Debby has a powerful message to challenge and encourage women to take better care of others by taking better care of themselves.

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Parenting With Purpose

Every parent hopes to have kids who successfully fulfill their purpose in life, but "hope" is not a strategy. If you want children WITH purpose, you have to raise them ON purpose. This conference gives parents realistic, Biblical tools delivered through an inspiring experience.

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Men's Ministries

Jeff has spent the last 25 years speaking frankly to real men about real issues. He has a unique way of challenging without crucifying, and will have the men in your group saying, “he gets me and can help me.”

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Ministry To Ministers

Marriage/Family Help

While ministers commit to protecting the marriages and families of their communities, they are under intense spiritual attack themselves. Jeff & Debby have committed themselves to making sure ministry families get the help they need.

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Missionary Marriage Support

Many couples on the mission field struggle as they serve and fear being pulled off their posts. Jeff & Debby provide a safe place for missionary couples get the confidential help they need.

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Military/1st Responder

Marriage Under Fire Retreats

These landmark experiences, held at places like Chick-fil-A's WinShape Marriage Retreat, provide military and 1st responder couples with the enrichment and encouragement they deserve.

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Marriage Under Fire Ministry

From marriage and family counseling to Marriage Under Fire conferences in communities and military bases across the country and around the world, Jeff & Debby have committed themselves to protecting those families who protect our own.

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International Missions

Int'l Marriage & Family Conferences

With cultural, religious and language differences, ministering to the needs of millions of marriages and families worldwide could seem impossible. But when Jeff and Debby teach in places where cultures are hungry for relationship building and religions practiced are void of relationship teaching, it is amazing to see how readily people accept God's plan and enthusiastically move towards developing Christ-centered homes.

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Missionary Marriage Retreats

Working with organizations like Chick-fil-A's WinShape International Foundation, Jeff & Debby travel around the world providing marriage retreats to give missionary couples the care and encouragement they desperately need.

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Youth and Parent True Love Waits Event

The old True Love Waits events that put all the pressure on teens to live a life of purity without challenging the culture of their homes to do the same proved to be ineffective. Jeff & Debby speak candidly to teens and their parents about the need to stand together against a culture that no longer respects a life of commitment.

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College Events

Students have always been and will continue to be the passion that drives this ministry. Jeff & Debby honed their delivery skills working with students and take the lid off of their comedy and creativity for their time on campuses. However, their goal isn't to entertain, but to encourage and equip the next generation to be better than the example they've been given.

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