All families struggle.

But the majority of families around the world live in areas that either don't have access to solid teaching on marriage & family, or the teaching they receive isn't based on the truths of Scripture or scientific research. Jeff & Debby have been invited to speak to audiences in countries all over the world, from Russia to Zimbabwe to Thailand to China, to name a few. Their conferences have been met with high attendance by highly inquisitive people hungry for answers.


Jeff & Debby have been invited back multiple times to each of the countries they've been in, as couples and families yearn to soak up all the help they can get. While the words may require translation, Biblical marriage and family principles transcend cultures. As families hear the rich truths that await them in Scripture, they realize their need for more than answers for their family. They need a Savior for their soul.

In addition to marriage, family and parenting conferences, Jeff & Debby provide training to pastors and ministry leaders in marriage & family ministry and church leadership.


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