Every parent hopes to have kids who successfully fulfill their purpose in life, but "hope" is not a strategy. If you want children WITH purpose, you have to raise them ON purpose. Parenting with Purpose is an interactive parenting experience to help parents step out of the family fray to count the blessings of where they are and consider the trajectory of where they're headed. In this thought-provoking encounter, parents are taken through a process of analyzing what they have or haven't been doing in their parenting and whether it's been helpful in achieving their goals for their children. 


As is the case for all of their conferences, Jeff & Debby use their creative delivery style and transparent approach to teach realistic and inspiring content based on Scriptural truths. It does NOT, however, focus on hitting parents over the head and telling them everything they've ever done wrong. Parents who are expecting, through those with children who are young adults, will leave feeling equipped and encouraged.


"There is no condemnation in Christ," states Debby. "We are all imperfect parents struggling with our own stuff, trying our best to keep from derailing our kids in the process."  Jeff adds, "We know every parent that attends our conferences is already convinced of their potential for failure. They don't need anyone to remind them of that. We don't find guilt to be much of a motivator. We've found it to be more successful to inspire parents to forge ahead with the strength of knowing these are the Father's kids. He will provide everything parents need to grow His kids into His likeness." 



Conference Schedule:


Morning worship service(s) for the entire congregation, focused on whether the way people are treating those in their family will leave a legacy of baggage or blessings.


Working lunch for parents with two sessions followed by Q&As immediately following the worship services. Each session is 1 1/2 hours long with a 15 minute break in between. Final Q&A session is 30 minutes in length. 



To schedule Jeff & Debby for a Parenting with Purpose Conference for your church, email or call our office at (865) 769-2611.