Jeff McElroy - Men's MinistriesAsk anyone who's experienced one of Jeff and Debby's conferences, and they'll tell you - Jeff speaks straight to men. Don't let his comedic approach fool you… he's crafting his way to a no-nonsense challenge that will leave you and the men of your community motivated to make some life changes.

He believes that too many men strive for success in only the business area of their life and, therefore, sacrifice success in the spiritual and family relationship areas along the way. They stand on the pinnacle of all the rungs of their ladder at work and wonder why the view isn't as fulfilling as they thought.

True successfulness is just that - success that is full in all areas of life. Through his wit, Jeff brings this message to churches, businesses, men's conferences, and leadership organizations all over the country.


To book Jeff for your next men's event, email or call our office at (865) 769-2611.


For information on an event we did in 2017 that we could bring to your area,  click here to learn about the Faith Of Our Fathers night at Smokies Stadium.