v: 1. to return or bring something back from a state of decline to a revitalized state  2. to restore and renew somebody morally or spiritually

adj: 1. spiritually reborn, renewed, or restored to health  2. newly formed or grown as a replacement for something lost


What is the ReGeneration Experience?
An in-depth, Christ-focused approach focused on helping couples in crisis get the help and hope they need to restore their marriage. Beginning on a Wednesday evening and concluding with worship together on Sunday morning, the experience includes over 25 hours of thorough counseling, relational analysis, and teaching. Space is limited to only 5 couples to make sure each couple gets the attention their relationship needs.

What makes this model so effective?
In the traditional therapy model of weekly sessions, the couple has 45 minutes to an hour per week. Of that hour, at least 15 minutes are spent just unpacking the emotions and issues from the past week. By the time they get to work on the long-term issues, a couple really has only about 20 minutes of focused work. The counselor then spends whatever minutes are remaining to try to motivate the couple to have enough courage to try to put the insights and skills from the session into practice. The couple then returns right back to their stresses while trying to process what they just learned. The next six days are spent with the couple struggling to deal with life in the tug-of-war of trying new habits while getting drawn back into old ones.

"It's kind of like a couple being stranded on a boat that has been battered in the middle of a hurricane. They call the Coast Guard who sends someone out to spend an hour with the couple to teach them how to repair their boat. The Coast Guard tells them they'll be back next week to help for an hour. The couple then spends the next week trying to repair the boat alone while still in the middle of the hurricane."   - Jeff McElroy

The ReGeneration Experience allows the couple to come out of the hurricane and into a safe harbor where they can focus on their issues in a peaceful, protected setting.

What makes the ReGeneration Experience different from other retreats based on this model?

Our pricing model - We work to secure investors who have a passion for marriage that can help underwrite some of the cost to the couples. This allows us to make The ReGeneration Experience available for thousands less than other retreats like it.

After-care - We offer a more intentional re-entry and after-care system than any other program of this type. We recognize that couples will need help as they go back home and begin to live out these new skills and insights. We provide a system of partnership that includes two follow up sessions.

How do we register?
Whether interested in the Regeneration Experience for yourself or someone you know, please email or call our office at 865-769-2611.

You'll be asked to fill out a brief application to help us confirm an experience like this would be beneficial for you. Once you're accepted, you'll be invited to register, at which time a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required. You will be able to pay that by phone with a credit card or by mailing a check. The remainder of your balance will be due two weeks before the ReGeneration Experience weekend.