Quotes from Ministry and Corporate Leaders

  • Dr. Gary Chapman

    I have known Jeff and Debby McElroy for several years. Their ministry in the area of marriage and family is powerful. Their creative skills yielded to the Holy Spirit have awakened many a sleepy marriage. I wholeheartedly recommend their ministry.

  • Rich Hamrick

    We are still floating around somewhere closer to heaven because of what God allowed us to experience over the weekend. In my fifteen years of ministry, I would have to rank Sunday's commitment service in the top two or three worship experiences I have ever had. It was the natural (or supernatural) result of all the seeds you had planted throughout the weekend. The families who participated in our Home Improvement Weekend will surely never be the same! I want to especially thank you for the honesty that permeated your hard-hitting message. From the viewpoint of someone who has always been involved in family ministry, I could easily see the amount of research that has gone into your presentations. Everything was presented professionally and with an obvious foundation of wisdom and understanding.

  • Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg

    "Prepare to Last" is one of the most creative resources that I have seen in a decade. It is entertaining, connecting and effective. In a culture that is not celebrating strong marriages, the McElroys are knocking it out of the park with a resource that will encourage, equip and strengthen marriages out of the gate. Get your hands on it and pass it on to anyone stepping into marriage to help them Prepare to Last...."

  • Conference Attendee

    “Very real...loved it!”

  • Rose

    My husband and I attended a ReGeneration Experience weekend several years ago. I truly believe if not for that experience and the time that Jeff spent pouring into our lives afterward....we would have ended up divorced! That weekend, along with the hard work that followed, saved our marriage. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary in February. Thank you Jeff...for being a vessel for the Lord to do might work through!