Quotes from Ministry and Corporate Leaders

  • Pastor Joel

    What a delight it was to renew our relationship this past weekend. Your ministry in our little corner of the harvest field was outstanding. Yes, eternity will reveal the results but I also believe yours is a ministry that yields a harvest here and now. We really enjoyed the few hours we were able to spend together and anticipate our relationship continuing.

  • Rick Mink

    Thanks so much for the wonderful weekend retreat you conducted for us at Lake Lawn. This was the first retreat we have done and the response has exceeded our expectations. Your insights and the great blend of teaching, music, and drama touched our couples. I can't remember when I have seen a program that presented marriage material in such a realistic, heartfelt manner with good scriptural integration. You were brilliant with your insights, humor, and delivery!

  • David Rich

    In my thirty years of ministry, I don't believe I've ever seen a better presentation. Jeff and Debby have a gift like no other I've seen to lead a service in a way every age is hanging on every word. When they met with our groups individually, it was amazing how they walked into the living room of each age and brought the Holy Spirit right in with them.

  • Ray Finger

    Thank you for ministering to our church family this weekend. God has uniquely gifted you to help bring the hearts of homes to the heart of God. What you have shared with us has challenged us and we will be better families for having sat under your teaching. May God continue to abundantly bless your ministry giving you many more opportunities to point families to Him.

  • Michelle

    I am getting married in May and I want to THANK YOU for opening our eyes to things we can do to make our marriage work the right way from the start!! After today, I am confident we are more ready now than we have ever been. Thank you so much for the help in the right direction!